Navy fly net on akubra hat
Blush fly net on white straw hat
Lavender fly net on akubra style hat
Lavender purple fly net
Navy blue fly net

Wide-Brim Fly-Net

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Pretty fly-nets for broad-brimmed hats and akubras!

We've sewn soft tulle netting to a black elastic band, with a grosgrain ribbon trim.

This softer netting is more voluminous than our 'fitness' style and best for draping over wide-brimmed hats. 

The PRETTYFLY branded bow is attached with a brooch pin so can be repositioned or removed to suit your own style.

The elasticised base is easily lifted up over your face to sip those summer G&T's to your heart's content.

And, most importantly, these fly-nets keep the flies off your face!

Our fly-nets are handmade in Western Australia.

All Prettyfly nets come with a drawstring anti-snag bag. Cute as. 

Visibility: All colours of netting have great visibility, but the darker colours (black and navy) are particularly good if that is your priority.

Fit: We think we have come up with a design that comfortably fits most adults whilst also achieving maximum fly-defence. The circumference around the neck is around 50cm unstretched (adult size). Take a moment to position the base of the net flat against your t-shirt before setting off. 

Fire safety: The tulle is nylon so caution must be used. No campfires or birthday candles.

Care: Your fly net can be hand-washed and ironed on a low heat. All Prettyfly nets come with a 'repair kit' in case of snags or tears. 

Out of stock?: As all our fly-nets are handmade, colours available can vary wildly from week to week! Keep checking back and thanks for understanding x