Wearable fly nets
with flair.

Handmade in Western Australia.

For broad-
brimmed hats.

Fits fedoras and akubras.

For kids and

in Western Australia.

If you're going to wear a fly-net, make it a Prettyfly net.

Fitness fly nets.

For ladies and dudes.

Best for visors, caps and helmets. 

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No flies on me, mate!

Prettyfly Nets - keeping farmers, runners, bushwalkers, golfers, equestrians and fitness fashionistas stylishly fly-free since 2019. 

For wide-brimmed hats.

A softer tulle style, for draping over your akubra, fedora or straw hat.

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About Prettyfly

Prettyfly is the fanciful idea I always joked about when I'd visit family in the Wheatbelt - "One day I'm going to design a fly net that looks halfway decent!"

When the perfect name came to me (thanks, The Offspring!), I hurried to buy Spotlight out of bridal tulle and - many prototypes later - the rest is history.

I hope your fly net serves you well.