Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net
Wide-Brim Fly Net

Wide-Brim Fly Net

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Prettyfly Nets for broad-brimmed hats and akubras!

We've sewn soft tulle netting to a black elastic band, with a grosgrain ribbon trim.

This softer netting is more voluminous than our 'fitness' style and best for draping over wide-brimmed hats. 

The PRETTYFLY branded bow is attached with a brooch pin so can be repositioned or removed to suit your own style.

The elasticised base is easily lifted up over your face to sip those summer G&T's to your heart's content.

And, most importantly, these fly nets keep the flies off your face!

Our fly nets are handmade in Western Australia.

Designed for wide brim hats and akubras

Important note on colour selection: whilst the Blush Pink and Lavender colours are by far our prettiest design, being so pale means they reflect bright sunlight, so you might battle with a bit of glare / reduced visibility. If this worries you, go for Black or Navy. Alas, it's the necessary trade-off for looking so dang pretty in pink! 

All Prettyfly nets come with a drawstring anti-snag bag. Cute as. 











Customer Reviews

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Beautifully finished and fits perfectly

tina skipper
Tina Skipper

Exceeded my expectations. Light, very visable and I could wear the net all day long without feeling it was in my way. Perfect for walks in the bush, gardening, work in the cattle yards. Highly recommend




Great value

Megan Passmore
Beyond pretty Flynet

I’m thrilled wth my new flynet. It manages to be pretty but also practical, it’s now my favourite accessory, very flattering, I’m thinking of wearing it next time I get dressed up to go to the races, perfect when I’m in the country instead having to use insect repellent & next week it’s going to SriLanka & the Maldives with me.
Thank you Jamey for your brilliant idea!

Visibility: All colours of netting have great visibility, but the darker colours (black and navy) are particularly good if that is your priority.

Fit: We think we have come up with a design that comfortably fits most adults whilst also achieving maximum fly-defence. The circumference around the neck is around 50cm unstretched (adult size). Take a moment to position the base of the net flat against your t-shirt before setting off. 

Fire safety: The tulle is nylon so caution must be used. No campfires or birthday candles.

Care: Your fly net can be hand-washed and it loves to have its wrinkles steamed! (or a very low iron if need be). All Prettyfly nets come with a 'repair kit' in case of snags or tears. 

Out of stock?: As all our fly nets are handmade, colours can be out of stock for a while! Keep checking back and thanks for understanding x