Fitness Fly Net
How to put on your Prettyfly Net
Fitness Fly Net
Fitness Fly Net
Fitness Fly Net
Turquoise fly net
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Fitness Fly Net

Fitness Fly Net

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STOCK UPDATE: A small amount of Purple and Turquoise are available.  

All the Black ones from the recent batch have sold out. Crikey! Thanks so much to you all for your support. More coming next year! 


Prettyfly Nets for runners, bushwalkers, farmers, golfers, dog walkers, equestrians and fitness fashionistas.

Designed to go over caps and visors, or no hat at all.

These wearable fly nets come in a range of bright net colours, designed to compliment your activewear, topped with PRETTYFLY branded elastic to secure it around your hat. Fly nets no longer only come in khaki! Keep the flies off your face while exercising, and do it in style. As one of our customers said, "I no longer look like I’m off to rob a bank when going for a walk."

Stiffer tulle to help stop the net clinging to your face.

Our most lightweight design, and the base is easily lifted up over your face to putt that birdie on the par 3.

And, importantly, keeps the flies off your face, and out of your mouth (we've all been there mid-jog! 🤮) The netting is designed to ruffle below your neck to really deter any winged invaders.

Our fly nets are handmade in Western Australia.

All colours of netting have great visibility, but the darker colours (black and navy) are particularly good if that is your priority.

All Prettyfly nets come with a drawstring anti-snag bag. Cute as. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
kathlyn Brown
Fitness fly net

Excellent. I use it for Dog grooming. Recommend.

Jess Hewson
Secret weapon for dog groomers

I didn’t buy these nets for their intended purpose but they are so good at keeping hair out of my eyes and mouth while I’m grooming dogs 10/10

Terri Harris

A leafy twig just wasn't cutting it and then I found Prettyfly ... proudly West Australian. My walks are now much more comfy. What a terrific idea. Thanks.

Lisa Reynolds

100% recommend! You dont even realise youre wearing it. Absolute lifesaver. I will be buying again!

Tamara Stacey
Love it

Comfortable, works and looks good. Unfortunately my puppy got a hold of it so I need to buy a new one ...or two.

Visibility: All colours of netting have great visibility, but the darker colours (black and navy) are particularly good if that is your priority.

Fit: We think we have come up with a design that comfortably fits most adults whilst also achieving maximum fly-defence. The circumference around the neck is around 50cm unstretched (adult size). Take a moment to position the base of the net flat against your t-shirt before setting off. 

Fire safety: The tulle is nylon so caution must be used. No campfires or birthday candles.

Care: Your fly net can be hand-washed and it loves to have its wrinkles steamed! (or a very low iron if need be). All Prettyfly nets come with a 'repair kit' in case of snags or tears. 

Out of stock?: As all our fly nets are handmade, colours can be out of stock for a while! Keep checking back and thanks for understanding x